Tuesday, 26 November 2013

OUGD504- Web Crit

Today I had a crit for the web brief. The feedback I received was really useful and beneficial for my design to be successful. I had thought about how the all the pages would navigate as a whole which Simon pointed out. I need to have the links at the top of the page on all pages to allow the user to navigate from one section to another without having to go back to the homepage every time. I think I will have an introduction underneath the links so the page doesn't look empty. I hadn't realised this point, so the crit has helped me to progress.

Wednesday, 13 November 2013

OUGD502- PPP2- Task 1

1. Reflecting on my time over the summer period, I found the most memorable event to be my holiday to Ibiza. I find that music is an important factor to my work as I like to listen to it when I'm working. I find it helps me to focus and get into a rhythm helping my workflow. Being interesting in minimal design and geometric forms, I find electronic music informs a lot of my designs.

2. I have made one contact over the summer and at the start of the second year. It is a small independent company called R.A.M publishing based in Oxford. I have been asked to create a visual response to iconic hip hop quotes for a book about the history of hip hop. I think this will be helpful to gain some exposer with the opportunity to gain further contacts. With personal gain aside, I found it to be a good experience to be in conversation with a commercial contact to gain a better understanding of how to conduct myself in a professional manner.

3. The contact got in touch with me through Behance after seeing my work that I entered into a competition on Talent house. This made me realise that entering competitions can be a good way of networking and making further contacts that could benefit me in the future.

4. Although I made this contact I feel I should of pursued more opportunities to go visit some studios. I am wanting to do some placements next summer so if I can get the wheels in motion now it would be a good start and take some of the pressure off for next year. 

5. Methods of contacting creatives:

- Email
- Written Letter
- Behance
- Linked-in
- Send a Promotional pack 
- Telephone
- Skype 
- Lectures/talks
-  D&AD
- Competitions
- Visits 
- Exhibitions 

What would you ask/talk about?

- If I can come for a visit to see how a professional studio environment works
- What inspires them
- Tell them what interests me 
- My design ambitions and why I am interested in them
- If they could offer any general advice on the industry